"Your Family is Your Treasure. Protect your treasure adequately"

Importance of Adequate Insurance

While insurance is compulsory, being underinsured is very very dangerous. Until we review our insurance from time to time we will never know the impact it can have on our livelihood. In our extensive experience, we have seen how poor insurance planning can rob us of our saving.

Some important points to consider.

1. Our unhealthy and 'FAST' Culture: We are living in a society where everything has to be instant. Instant food, coffee, etc. Therefore, we are prone to be affected by deadly diseases. Statistics conducted by many agencies are scary. Therefore proper health cover is a must.

2. Uncertainty of life itself: Needless to say, our history is divided based on two giant wars WWI and WWII, in which the existence of life itself was questionable. Now we are living in the 'pandemic' and the 'post pandemic' era. History teaches us that life cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, we cannot allow our families to come to the streets in case of our absence. WE NEED a good Term Insurance Plan to keep our savings secure.

3. Income savings is crucial: It takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work to save one rupee of our income. To save, it takes years but to lose it takes a moment. Inadequate insurance can drain all our efforts away. So take a proper insurance plan. You may have to spend a little more but you will save A LOT MORE.